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The Deep End

It was a new level of loserdom, even for me

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Published: 31 Aug 2021

ISBN: 9781760988005

Imprint: Pan Australia

It was a new level of loserdom, even for me

When Rosie humiliates herself in front of the whole school at the swimming carnival, she vows she’ll never step foot in the water again.

Well, until Jake Tran, the best swimmer (and hottest boy) in her year, says he will give her swimming lessons.

Against all the voices in her head screaming that it’s a bad idea, she takes him up on his offer.

As the pair bond over failed freestyles and parental pressures, they learn more from each other than they ever could have anticipated.

Jenna Guillaume

Jenna Guillaume is a Young Adult author and entertainment journalist with a passion for pop culture, body positivity, social media, and kissing books.

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